seed2A works with early stage companies to help navigate from seed through series A. We help refine product requirements, and deliver exceptional UX/UI designs and highly interactive, usable web and mobile client software.
seed2A is different: we get deeply involved in company strategy with an eye towards early-stage financing and milestone based development. Our team of designers and developers are passionate about great software, great design and great companies.

Who We Are

What We Do


A trusted cloud-based service to easily connect financial community professionals using state-of-the-art video communications technology.
An end-to-end decision support system for the interpretation of human genome, exome, and targeted sequence data.
An interactive online platform for classes and MOOCs from MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UT and other universities.
A private network for active military professionals to assist in career development.
A foreign exchange trading, automation and market intelligence platform for institutional traders.
A top rated iPhone app that finds the best exit ahead for all your travel needs.
A market and business intelligence platform for auto dealers to improve marketing effectiveness and profitability.
An application that makes foreign exchange (Forex) market accessible to investors and financial institutions of all types
A personalized online stress management web and mobile application that helps people deal with stress.
A members only network and match making platform for boards and board prospects.