Early stage companies need more than advice. They need help building their product, team and business. They need a partner who helps drive business strategy and company building.

seed2A is different: we’re passionate about great software, great design and great companies. We don’t merely advise - we roll up our sleeves to help. Most uniquely, we act like entrepreneurs, but think like investors.

Who We Are

What We Do


A trusted cloud-based service to easily connect financial community professionals using state-of-the-art video communications technology.
A members only network and match making platform for boards and board prospects.
A personalized online stress management web and mobile application that helps people deal with stress.
A private network for active military professionals to assist in career development.
An application that makes foreign exchange (Forex) market accessible to investors and financial institutions of all types
A top rated iPhone app that finds the best exit ahead for all your travel needs.