General Partner, Boston
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Jeffrey is a successful entrepreneur, CEO and investor and brings extensive company building and venture finance experience to seed2A.  He thrives in the uncertainty of early stage of companies, likes getting his hands dirty, is good at building rapport with entrepreneurs and technical founders, and has a perspective from both sides that is invaluable.  Jeffrey was formerly a general partner with North Bridge Venture Partners.  Prior to his venture experience, Jeffrey was EVP of Products for Documentum, a division of EMC.  Jeffrey was the co-founder and CEO of eRoom Technology which was acquired by Documentum in December 2002.  In 2003, Jeffrey was recognized by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the Year in New England for his efforts at eRoom. Prior to eRoom, Jeffrey was Senior Vice President of Applications at Lotus Development Corporation.  Jeffrey received his MBA from the Harvard Business School, an MSEE from Syracuse University and a BSEE from Northwestern University.   Jeffrey has been active with the Museum of Science in Boston for over 12 years and serves on the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee.