partners from seed to series A

Our Team

The seed2A team comprises talented individuals who are strategic, but like getting their hands dirty.  We’ve lived in dozens of early stage companies and understand the unique challenges of balancing cash conservation with investing to succeed.  At our core, each of us are curious, product and marketing geeks with vision for successful products. 
You will also find that we bring a strong set of business values to the table.  We’re direct and straightforward.  We do what we say we’re going to do.  We lead by example and do what needs to be done.  We’re responsive, adaptive, and pay close attention to the details.  And we exclusively work with people like this.  

Alan Osman
General Partner, Boston

Alan brings 20+ years of product development, design and strategic product planning to seed2A.  He started his career as a passionate self-taught coder where he fell in love with the visual power that computers had locked up inside them.  Over the years, Alan has used this passion to push the envelope by creating compelling software interfaces that make people smile while solving big problems.  His career has always been one of new product convergence that embraces new technologies and techniques as ways to save time and make products better.  He has worked within small and large companies across a variety of industries and has architected sophisticated and complex systems. In addition he has led on/offshore engineering and product design teams, optimized engineering and implemented best practices, and is keenly aware of the focus that startups require to succeed. His meticulous attention to detail and passion for practical and elegant design is one of our most significant differentiators. Sit in a room with Alan for a couple of hours and he will laser focus your visionary ideas into a compelling, simple offering.  Alan has held executive and leadership positions at Krush, Propel Consulting, eRoom, Convoq, WorldStreet and Thomson Reuters and has contributed significantly to over 50 software applications projects.