partners from seed to series A

A trusted cloud-based service to easily connect financial community professionals using state-of-the-art video communications technology.
Mark Loher, Doug Ashton
Our objective here was to define an experience for users and provide an intuitive, modern and engaging experience and organize the product development process so it was more predictable. Our team worked with the Open Exchange team to create a solid design that the engineering team could work with. Within 3 months, Open Exchange had a new product plan, completely design and spec'd, and a roadmap and management process in place for handing an outsourced engineering team.
A members only network and match making platform for boards and board prospects.
Mark Rogers, Bobby Driscoll
BoardProspects’ is an online professional community that unites individuals seeking board positions with non-profits, private, and public companies seeking to fill Board and Advisory Board positions. We helped BoardProspects crystallize their vision and focus on an MVP that would be an effective two sided market offering. The company is still early beta and we are assisting them with their go to market strategy, process and offshore management of their engineering effort.
A personalized online stress management web and mobile application that helps people deal with stress.
Jan Bruce, Dr. Andrew Shattee
We provided a fresh look for the product, product design refinements and bandwidth to help the team plan and simplify both web and mobile strategies. We coached the team to focus their product direction and helped them make the move to an agile engineering process. The meQuilibrium team now runs shorter engineering cycles, has discrete control over product features and the ability test assumptions in order to refine features in the product. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the MEQ team!
RallyPoint Networks
A private network for active military professionals to assist in career development.
Yinon Weiss, Aaron Kletzing
RallyPoint is an exclusive online community for active military professionals that empowers them to manage their military life and career - finding the best opportunities within the military and preparing for their ideal civilian job before transitioning. We are providing product guidance to increase conversion and activation of new military users.
An application that makes foreign exchange (Forex) market accessible to investors and financial institutions of all types
Dave Lemont, Asaf Yigal
Currensee is the new way to invest in world currency markets with a way to diversify investments not correlated to the stock market. We worked with the Currensee team to design their next generation platform to provide a mechanism to invest in the top world currency trade leaders. The traders create and manage their portfolios on Currensee, but unlike normal stocks or bonds others can invest in them. We worked with Currensee to design the workflow and layout of their investor portion of the product.
A top rated iPhone app that finds the best exit ahead for all your travel needs.
Jeffrey Beir, Bob Rainis
RoadAhead™ helps you find the best exit ahead on the highway for all your travel needs. RoadAhead automatically locates you on a highway, searches based on your categories, and displays merchants at upcoming exits - with user ratings, gas prices, distance from exit, and other helpful info. Unlike other travel apps, RoadAhead organizes merchants by what is ahead and what is convenient to the exit. We helped RoadAhead create it's incredibly simple and elegant user experience that uniquely presents information the way you drive - what's ahead of you, vs. what's around you.